Manipal ProLearn in association with Google India brings to you a unique Digital Marketing course that’ll not only give you a very good understanding on the key components of digital marketing but also help you develop an expertise and push forward your career graph.

A Google accredited course, it offers students a fresh perspective in online marketing through classroom training, live online sessions by experts, case studies, assignments, simulation and assessments. On completion of the program, a joint certificate will be issued by Manipal ProLearn and Google, India thereby paving your way to go on and become a  Google Certified Advertising Professionals.

Program Highlights
Get certified by Manipal ProLearn and Google India.
1-to-1 mentoring session with marketing gurus from Amazon, Facebook, Google etc.
Learn all about the latest Google Ads platform from Manipal ProLearn
An experienced Digital Marketer earns an average salary of ₹7.2 lakhs per year.
Selection Process

Provisional Offer Letter
Provisional Offer Letter
Batch Joining
Batch Joining


Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • Scope and expectations from the course
  • Marketing in the digital world
  • Integrated marketing - The Phygital
  • Global trends in Digital Marketing
  • Digital channels - Paid, Owned and Earned
  • Fundamentals on the primary asset - your website
  • Careers in digital marketing
  • Skill development in digital marketing
Creation of Website, Microsite
  • What are websites, microsites and landing pages
  • Important things to consider before you set up website-domain and server
  • Content Management Systems and their roles
  • Understanding the structure and navigation of websites
  • Principles of good user experience and user interface
  • Creating great web copy
  • Setting up your WordPress site
  • WordPress plugins that you can use
  • Converting your WordPress site to an e-commerce site
  • Website do’s and don’ts
Fundamentals of Google Ads
  • Understanding Pay-per-click Advertisement
  • Significance and evolution of Google Ads in PPC
  • Bing Ads vs Google Ads- overview
  • Google Google Ads Certification Exam - Overview, Benefits and Preparation
  • Google Ad Networks
  • Different Ad Formats
  • Keywords - significance and planning
  • Using Keyword Planner and other tools
  • Keyword matches and their usage
  • Campaign Structure and Organisation
  • Quality, Rank and Relevance of Ads
  • Bidding and budget
  • Targeting Setting
  • Extensions and their usage
  • Ad policies and approvals
  • Metrics
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Campaign Optimisation
Search Advertising & Google Ads Tools (2 parts)
  • Keywords - planning, matching and combination
  • Specifications of an Ad and how to put it to good use
  • Managing Invalid Clicks
  • Ad extensions and usage
  • Dynamic search ads
  • Landing page - your virtual front
  • Campaign Experiment
  • Opportunities Tab
  • Google Ads APIs
  • Google Ads editor - Benefits and usage
  • Managing multiple accounts
Display Advertising using Google Ads
  • Google Display Network and Partnerships
  • Double Click Ad Exchange and AdSense
  • Campaign Creation and Structuring for display
  • Keyword and targeting through display network
  • Campaign Metrics, Analysis and optimization
Video Advertising using YouTube
  • YouTube - why you need to be there?
  • YouTube format, tools and targeting
  • Video Campaign Creation
  • Video Campaign tracking and optimization
  • Video Ad performance and best practices
  • You Tube Analytics
Advertising on mobile
  • Importance of Mobile and Opportunities to Leverage
  • Key Objectives for Mobile Marketing
  • Ad Formats and Networks for Mobile
  • Mobile Site: Key Considerations
  • Mobile App: Key Considerations
  • Mobile specific bidding and targeting
  • Apps Marketing
  • Mobile Analytics, Reporting and Optimization
Shopping Advertising with Google
  • Google Shopping and Merchant Centre
  • Setting up account in Merchant Centre - single and multi-client
  • Setting up and using Product Feed
  • Setting up and managing product campaigns
  • Tracking and optimization
  • How to make the best usage of Shopping Campaigns
Search Engine Optimisation (2 parts)
  • How search engines work
  • Search Results - types and significance
  • Different search queries and their significance
  • Understanding SEO and key factors determining the same
  • Components on SEO – onsite and off page.
  • Content driven SEO
  • Keyword Research and Planning
  • Using tools to get effective keywords
  • Long tail keywords – the hidden gems
  • Art and science of tags, schema and descriptions
  • Broken Links, Internal Links and Duplicate contents
  • Implementing Robot.txt, htaccess and Sitemap
  • Link building and its importance
  • Avoiding harmful links
  • Finding and leveraging link building opportunities
  • Creating a link building plan
  • Major google updates and their implications on SEO
  • Using Search Console for SEO.
  • Tools for SEO
  • Understanding nuances of local and international SEO
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages and SEO implications
  • KPIs of SEO
  • Artificial Intelligence, Voice search and future of SEO
  • Planning for SEO
Social Media Marketing (2 parts)
  • Evolution of social media
  • What social media can do for you
  • Different social media platforms
  • Unwritten rules of Social Media Marketing
  • Facebook for business
  • Using of Facebook tabs and apps
  • Using of Facebook groups and events
  • Facebook page Insights
  • Creating and running Facebook ads
  • Targeting – the structured approach
  • Instagram for business
  • Instagram strategies
  • Introduction to Twitter and its terminologies
  • Creating a good Twitter profile
  • Building followers on Twitter
  • Twitter as an influencer marketing tool
  • Twitter Ads
  • Twitter Analytics
  • LinkedIn for Business
  • Profile, Pages and Pulse in LinkedIn
  • B2B marketing using Linked In
  • LinkedIn Ads and Analytics
  • Introduction to Pinterest for Business
  • Pinterest strategies
  • Using Snapchat - New kid on the block
  • Social media tools for automation
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Creating social media calendar
  • Online Reputation Management
Web Analytics
  • Introduction to web analytics
  • Importance of web analytics
  • How web analytics work
  • Analytics Framework
  • Goals, Objectives and KPIs
  • Contextualizing of Data
  • Segmentation of Data
  • Making analytics actionable
  • Attribution Modelling
  • Campaign tracking through URL
  • Different types of web analytics and the respective tools
  • A/B testing and ‘test and learn’ approach
Google Analytics
  • How Google Analytics work
  • Dimensions, metrics and other common terminologies
  • Setting up Google analytics
  • Creating and customizing reports and dashboards
  • Audience Analysis
  • Acquisition, Behavior and Conversion- understanding the data across the funnel
  • Channel Analysis- Source and Medium
  • Goal setting and conversion tracking
  • Content Performance
  • Analytics User flow
  • Leveraging real time analytics
  • Content Experiment through Optimise
  • Linking and using Search Console and Google Ads with Google Analytics
  • Introduction to Google Data Studio
Content driven Inbound Marketing
  • Importance of Content Marketing and Inbound Marketing is Modern Marketing
  • Principles of Inbound Marketing Content
  • Marketing impact on SEO, Social Media and PPC Marketing