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Britannia Sales Academy

Do you wish to become a skilled salesperson who not only achieves but exceeds their targets every time? A great sales force is the life and blood of a growing organization. But with attrition rates as high as 30%, companies are always on the hunt for talented sales professionals.

Manipal ProLearn Sales Academy in association with Britannia will help you to enhance your selling skills and learn about the common tactics used by top sales professionals to close the deals. This training program for sales teams will discuss the most effective ways to approach a prospective client, explore customer solutions, ways to overcome objections, and ultimately, how to seal the deal!

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Provisional Offer Letter
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Batch Joining


Fundamentals of Sales and Marketing - Why a Career in Sales
  • Increasing Competition
  • Shortage of Good Salespeople
  • Crucial for Company Growth
  • You grow as per the results you generate
Fundamentals of Sales and Marketing- Sales and Marketing
  • Differentiate sales and marketing
  • Understand the fundamentals of a sales cycle
  • Understand what marketing is and explain key marketing concepts
Fundamentals of Sales and Marketing - Sales and Distribution
  • Sales and Distribution Structure
  • Indian O/L Landscape
  • Outlet Types

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Post Graduate Program in Life Insurance Program in Life Insurance

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