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Do you want to learn the strategic selling techniques developed by the world’s most successful sales professionals? A great sales force is the life and blood of a growing organization. But with attrition rates as high as 30%, companies are always on the hunt for talented sales professionals. Manipal ProLearn Sales Academy in association with UNIBIC will help you to enhance your selling skills and learn about the common tactics used by top sales professionals to close the deals. This training program for sales professionals will discuss the most effective ways to approach a prospective client, explore customer solutions, ways to overcome objections, and ultimately, how to seal the deal!

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Become a skilled salesperson who not only achieves but exceeds the targets. Enrol in the Manipal ProLearn Sales Academy in association with UNIBIC and take your career to new heights.


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Course Hightlights
After completing the sales training program, you’ll be considered as a strong and competent sales professional. This sales program will help you to:
  • Get Provisional Offer Letter from Unibic even before you join the Training Program
  • Unibic will reimburse 65% of the training fees over the 1st year of employment.
  • Start your career as a Territory Business In-charge with a starting salary of 2.2 Lakhs + incentives p.a.
  • Fundamentals of Sales and Marketing
  • Managing Partners
  • Financial Acumen
  • Managing Self and learn
  • Mid-course Assessment
  • Understanding UNIBIC Product and Processes
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